Fundamentals of Primary Health Care

Available March 2018 

The Fundamentals of Primary Health Care course provides learners with a mechanism to review the core knowledge and skills required by nurse practitioners and registered nurses providing primary health care to individuals, families and communities across a range of community care settings.

The content presented is based on the core content delivered by the Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program and will support a basic review of the NP-Family-All ages knowledge base. RNs working in family practice clinics and rural and remote settings will also find this content supports much of their clinical work and primary health care learning needs.


  • 13 Self directed, self paced learning
  • Links to many updated guidelines and learning supports
  • Recorded lecture to introduce the relevant module concepts
  • Quizzes and a post test to help learners apply their knowledge
  • Support from a module facilitator to address content questions

On completion of the Fundamentals of Primary Care, the learner will be able to:

  • Conduct an advanced health assessment including both the appropriate history and physical exam maneuvers.
  • Identify appropriate screening and assessment maneuvers that are supported by the most current evidence.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking ability in establishing a diagnosis and differential diagnoses based on data obtained from history and physical exam.
  • Determine appropriate management and therapeutic treatments based on diagnosis.
  • Assess and manage common acute pediatric conditions
  • Assess and manage common acute adult conditions.
  • Assess and mange common chronic conditions.
  • Select and interpret the appropriate  diagnostic tests (Lab and imaging) as required to establish a diagnosis or monitor chronic conditions.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and the ability to apply the principles of health promotion and disease prevention in the management of client conditions.


Required resources:

Required Resources: these are commonly used in primary care and will be excellent clinic resources beyond the duration of this course

Any of the following three texts:

  • Uphold, C.R. and Graham, M. V. (2013). Clinical Guidelines in Family Practice. 5th Edition. Barmarrae Books.



  • Primary Care, A Collaborative Practice (2017), Buttaro, Trybulski, Polgar-Baily, & Sandberg-Cook (Amazon or Indigo)

Any of the above texts are excellent clinical resources.

  • Bickley, L. (2017). Bate’s Guide to physical Examination and History Taking. 12th edition. New York: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.




Many of these books can be purchased at any University medical bookstore, or bought through the following websites:,

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