Prescribing Narcotics and Controlled Substances


narco The course is available for registration now. You can start as soon as you register. 

This course is self-directed and offered entirely online. It is estimated to take 6-12 hrs to complete. There are online readings, links to resources and a presentation that introduces pain assessment and management. There is a final test that you must achieve 70%. If you do not achieve 70%, you have additional tests granted until you achieve 70%.

You have 6 months access to complete the course, however for Ontario NPS, the College of Nurses of Ontario is placing a deadline of March 10, 2017 after which restrictions will be placed on NP registration status.

This module introduces the therapeutic application of narcotics and controlled substances along with the legal and professional competencies and responsibilities required by prescribers or those who support care of patients who’s conditions are managed with these therapeutic agents. This course will be of interest to nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses who provide palliative care, pain care or who work in rural or remote settings in providing care to patients who clinically require these therapeutic agents for optimal care.After completion of this module the NP/RN will be able to:

  1. Understand legislative changes granting prescriptive authority of narcotics to additional practitioners in relation to scope of practice outlined by professional regulatory bodies.
  2. Summarize the federal and provincial laws that regulate narcotic and controlled substances in relation to prescriber responsibilities.
  3. Identify the commonly prescribed drugs that are classified as narcotics and controlled substances.
  4. Identify the common therapeutic indications as well as common abuses of commonly prescribed narcotics and controlled substances.
  5. Identify drugs that fall under the categories of narcotics and controlled substances and their associated prescription requirements.
  6. Apply tools and concepts to assess patient pain, risk for abuse, addiction and diversion.
  7. Develop treatment plans using narcotics and controlled substances to provide effective interventions while minimizing adverse effects.

This module is divided into 3 sections. Each section has associated learning activities to help you apply your learning. Completion of the post test will help test and consolidate your knowledge. You may post questions on the group forum to discuss course and clinical elements. This module should take between six and nine hours to complete.

The module sections include:

  • Section 1: Legal and Professional Issues in Prescribing Narcotics and Controlled Substances
  • Section 2: Strategies and Tools for Safe Prescribing of Narcotics and Controlled Substances
  • Section 3: Therapeutic Applications of Narcotics and Controlled Substances in the Management of Pain.

Time limited reduced registration rate:
For those registering now until March 10th, a reduced registration rate of 190.00 + HST= 214.70

Regular Course cost: 210.00 (+HST) (after February 10, 2017)

Learning Module on Pain Management
For those who feel they would like more information related to Treatment and Prevention of Pain and Inflammatory Conditions, this course will be available early in 2017. Please email us at to indicate your interest and we will forward updated registration information closer to the registration date.


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