Advancing Male Health in Ottawa

3.jpg Dr. Anthony Bella, Surgeon-Investigator and Director of Basic Urologic Research, Division of Urology at The Ottawa Hospital, is interested in the role of the Nurse Practitioner in advancing male health in Ottawa. He is interested in exploring the impact of educational sessions on NP practice. The results of this education series and follow up impact analysis will be presented this June at the national meeting of the Canadian Urology Association. He has prepared 3 sessions which are made available here for easy access by NPs whether or not you have attended the on-site sessions.
Dr. Anthony Bella
The needs assessment that can be accessed at the following web site: will serve as a starting point for targeting specific education in the areas of erectile dysfunction and the link to cardiovascular disease, Peyronie’s disease and hypogonadism in the male patient. Please complete this survey if you are attending on-site sessions.
  • March 8th: Part 1-Advancing Male Health in Ottawa, Erectile Dysfunction
  • March 26th: Part 2-Review of ED Link to CVD and Part 3-Penile implants for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
  • May 10th: Part 4-Treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction


  • Dr. Anthony Bella presents on the importance of screening for erectile dysfunction as an indicator of cardiac risk
Part 2 – Review
  • Dr. Anthony Bella reviews assessment of erectile dysfunction and it’s importance as an early indicator of cardiovascular disease
  • Dr. Anthony Bella presents on types of penile implants as potential treatment options for ED.
  • Dr. Anthony Bella presents on various pharmacological therapies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.