Welcome to the CPD program.
These Continuing Education courses are for nurse practitioners, registered nurses practicing in an expanded role and nurses who require advanced knowledge due to working with specific populations. These courses will assist nurses to:

  • significantly increase the knowledge and confidence of nurses practicing in expanded roles;
  • establish and strengthen the network of contacts;
  • support recruitment and retention by enabling nurses to access continuing education in their own communities;
  • improve the health outcomes of their clients;
  • fulfill reflective practice or quality assurance requirements defined by provincial nursing regulating bodies.

CPD Presentation

Women’s Health and Menopause
Antibiotic Use in Community
Advancing Male Health in Ottawa

Prescribing Narcotics and Controlled Substances

This module introduces the therapeutic application of narcotics and controlled substances along with the legal and professional competencies and responsibilities required by prescribers or those who support care of patients who’s conditions are managed with these therapeutic agents. This course will be of interest to nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses who provide palliative care, pain care or who work in rural or remote settings in providing care to patients who clinically require these therapeutic agents for optimal care.
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